We Only Charge For The Time Spent Managing Your Campaign

At Butterbee, we only charge you for the time spend optimising and managing your campaign. Most of our current clients require no more than 3-4 hours of management per month for their campaigns, our basic package is based on 3 hours of management per month, at only R250 per hour.

The ONLY additional cost you’ll have is the amount you’ve decided to pay towards your Campaign to Google.

In the unlikely event that your campaign is complex enough to require additional management time, or needs to be changed frequently enough that more is necessary, we’ll discuss increasing your management time by an hour or two each month.

Traditional AdWords Charges

Most companies who offer AdWords management charge a percentage of your Google budget. If you spend R1,000 on AdWords, you’ll have to pay them R150, and if you spend R100,000 they’ll charge you R15,000.

The problem with this model is that R150 probably covers about 20 minutes of actual campaign management a month, and maybe less if it’s a qualified AdWords professional doing the work. That’s not enough to optimise a campaign, and having a big budget isn’t a guarantee that more work gets done.

We think that charging for the time we actually spend on your campaign is a much better method, and as a result, if we manage your AdWords account, you get exactly what you pay for.

How Much To Spend

If you’re not sure how much to invest in an AdWords campaign, then we recommend starting off with between R1,000 and R2,000 per month, to see how it goes.

If you start getting good results, you can always increase your AdWords budget, and if you don’t, you can cancel at any time, because all we need is one month’s notice.

On average, our clients cost per click (CPC) is about R6 per click.

Depending on how competitive the industry is, it can range from under R1 per click to over R100.

We’ll give you an estimate of what you’d be looking at, based on your business, when you get in touch with us.

No Contracts

Its always been our philosophy that if our clients aren’t benefiting from working with us, then they shouldn’t be using us.

Cancel Any Time

Good client relationships are built on good results, not on long term contracts, and that’s why we let you cancel your AdWords at any time, with only one month’s notice.

If a Company offering Google AdWords Campaign Management Services is trying to lock you into a long contract, it most likely means that they don’t have faith in their own ability to produce results.

Google doesn’t have contracts,  nor do we!

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