Does your Kwikwap website need a Re-design?

When was the last time you've made changes to your site, modified your look and feel section or given it a fresh coat of paint to keep your website trendy?  If you're not 100% happy with your Website's overall look and feel you might need to consider a website re-design.

Why Does A Website Need A Re-Design?

Your Kwikwap Website is a major part of your business, a shop window that needs regular updates and a freshen up every now and then much the same as a windo display or shop interior.  It is your first point of contact with potential online customers. The best analogy for this is the seasons of the year (spring, summer, winter and autumn); seasons change bringing new colours, new life and a new perspective on the world.  If your website is updated it can bring a new lease of life to a business, showing visitors that the business is alive and on the pulse of things.

What Are Some Website Re-Design Ideas?

Changing your colour scheme is one of the easiest ways to quickly change a website's feel. This is considered the 'skin' or 'blanket' as you might say in winter time, of your website - Your background images, background colour, animated banners and maybe the headings on the website.  Adapting your website around the seasons is a great way to show people the change between spring to summer, winter to spring etc. People's moods changes with the seasons and this mood can be plugged into with a few design changes on your website.

How Much Does Website Re-Design Cost?

a Kwikwap Website re-design is not expensive, a few tweaks here and there can bring a new lease of life to your website. Your Website's design is very important and if your design does not speak to your visitors it is all for naught and could be the difference between a customer sticking around, or going to your competition.

Let your site stand out from the rest!

Its always wonderful to get positive feedback from clients once there sites are done and ready for take off. If you feel that your site could do with a makeover or revamp you've made your landing at the perfect place.  Butterbee specializes in Kwikwap revamps and complete site make overs.

Kwikwap Website revamps ranges between R700 and R1500 depending on the amount of changes you would like to have made to your website.

So how do we charge for Kwikwap revamps or makeovers?

  • We choose a new Template to fit your Company profile.
  • We edit the stylesheet and a few bits of Html.
  • We create specially designed animated banners, hovering sidebars, landing pages and insert images into your site to match your corporate identity.
  • We design your site work around all the features the Kwikwap system offers.
  • We hook all your Social profiles to your website.
  • We reload your products/services pages and arrange content with new images in a neat looking and professional way. (not applicable to R700 package revamp option)
  • Incase you're making use of a Gallery on your site we see to it that all images are neatly sized and your Gallery display is working together with the unique look and feel of your site.
  • As a bonus we don't charge for stock images used on your site.

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