A means of quick and effective information or advert distribution, the pamphlet may very well be one of the most important techniques for bringing your business brand and intent to the attention of many.

Without the extra cost of binding needed for brochures, pamphlets are a valuable medium when trying to convey a message quickly, and to a large number of potential clientele.

At Butterbee Solutions, we adhere to specific pamphlet design techniques that have proven to be pleasantly successful, time and time again.

Your pamphlet needs to convey the ultimate focus that is your message, combined with your company logo and brand. This will help in associating important information with your company name and with as little unnecessary content, like overcrowding or over-explanation, as possible. All combining to ensure your pamphlet maintains reader attention, conveys your message in the most visually striking way possible, and is a source of information and education on all content, geared to your specifications.

What we offer you, in pamphlet design:

  • Straight and to-the-point word copy and graphic selection
  • Full brand or logo reproduction
  • Use of our fully stocked and free picture archives
  • Printer recommendation and interaction

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